Programs & Services

Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP)

One pill taken daily, PrEP reduces the risk of getting HIV from sex by more than 92% and from injection drug use by 70%. Are you interested in learning more about PrEP and if it might be right for you? Our prevention team will be happy to meet with you and talk through any questions you may have, including help with how you can cover the cost.

Make an appointment by calling The Project at (309) 762-5433 and press zero to discuss your options to protect yourself against HIV.

  • PrEP Consultations (full screening and access to PrEP referral provider)
  • PrEP Follow-Up (routine screening if you are already on PrEP)
  • PrEP Benefit Navigation (we help reduce PrEP costs, often FREE or very low cost regardless of income level)

Learn More About PrEP

The Project offers PrEP Informational Sessions presented by physicians and advanced practice clinicians, registered nurses, clinical pharmacists, public health experts, and/or patients currently taking PrEP. Check out our calendar of events to see when the next session is scheduled!

  • Who should attend? Providers interested in prescribing PrEP, people interested in taking PrEP, and people providing services to people at risk to HIV transmission.
  • What will I learn? Become more informed on the evidence and best practices around PrEP; and how to access PrEP for yourself and/or your patients. Participants gain increased knowledge from speakers, facilitators and patients taking PrEP.

Questions? Please email Madeline Robel or call (309) 762-5433.